5 Day Challenge

“Give Negative Feedback in Business”

Feel comfortable about delivering difficult messages in a work context

Do you remember having to deliver difficult feedback to your staff, associate or client and feeling disappointed afterwards? Replaying the situation again and again? 

Ability to deliver clear communication, is a highly valued skill in a tool kit of an effective entrepreneur. Even more so if the message is bound to be received as criticism.

Almost 80% of 100+ professionals interviewed during the study carried out in summer 2020 don’t feel comfortable about giving negative feedback in business. 

Their reflections and examples demonstrate that lack of confidence and skill in delivering difficult messages can have a negative impact in business. Examples include loss of staff, relationships, and clients.

When asked ‘Would you like to learn how to give negative feedback and feel comfortable about it?’ 70,4% of respondents said YES

The 5-day challenge is a response to their demand.

The program covers 

Principles of communicating difficult content, do’s and don’ts plus tools:

  • Feelingwheel
  • FBI technique
  • The emotional bank account

How will it go

Participants join a closed Facebook group

A video tutorial will be uploaded daily to the Facebook group. It will contain one task which doesn’t take longer than 15 minutes. You will be invited to complete the task and join in the comments on the process. 

What will you leave with:

  • The clear formula to use for offering negative feedback without bad feelings lingering
  • Understanding what not to use 
  • Experience and courage to start putting learning in practice.
  • You will save a lot of sour moments and hours of rumination by being able to give the feedback and go on

Bonus: a group coaching where you get help directly from Anna, director of research and the program

Price includes:

  • Course content 
  • Ongoing support during the challenge, 
  • Workbook
  • Networking with like-minded people in the program to share thoughts (you’re not alone)
  • Group coaching

How long does it take:

5 consecutive days starting from Monday 12th October plus a group coaching session on Monday 19th October at 8pm.

Each day not more than 15 mins which you can do it at your own pace. If you miss a day or two, you’ll be able to catch up.

Your tutor:

Anna Jezuita is an experienced psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher. With extensive experience of working in a highly demanding business environment as a barrister and corporate solicitor she understands the challenges of this setting. She is passionate about developing a deep insight into the underlying roots of those challenges and using it to create tools that entrepreneurs and business owners can use to improve their efficiency in delivering results. She has been offering workshops, training and individual coaching sessions to teams and leaders with great results.

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